Pine Lodge 1 Cabin
CV-384 Booklet Plans

The Pine Lodge Story:
Several yeas ago my wife and I were taking a driving vacation through upperNew York State and the Adirondacks and eventually to a friend’s place on Lake George.

On the way e stayed at a lovely campground that had small cabins the size ofsmall holtel rooms clustered on the shore of a small lake. These small cabinswere little lodges nestled in the pine trees and were the basis of the PineLodge Cabin series.

This design is particular cabin is changed a bit from its original by eliminatingthe fireplace and the big whirlpool bath. I’ve also changed the series name to “Pine Lodge” to match the descriptionmentioned above. So wecome to the first in the series - The Pine Lodge 1Cabin #CV-384

What are Booklet Plans?
Booklet Plans are building plans that have been formatted to letter size paper and are presented as a PDF "booklet" instead of a stapled set of larger format drawings. This format has several real advantages over the large page-size drawings:

  • You don't need to go to a print shop to get copies...they are easily printed on inexpensive ink-jet printers typically found at home.
  • They are very easy to read... just like a book... imagine handling a set of 18"x24" or larger set of drawings in your easy chair at home.
  • They are very easy to store and cary around... once printed they fit easily on a bookshelf or in a briefcase.
  • They are very easy to use in the field... especially if hole-punched and put in a loose leaf notebook.
  • They are very easy to update. Mark up a change... copy... punch... put in the notebook... done... try that at home with lagre sheets
  • They are much less expensive to purchase than the big drawings.
But that is not all...
You will get a Full Construction Set of drawings, and two other drawing versions:
The Cabin Shell Set and the Cabin Graph Paper Set, and a complete material list... all included in the PDF file

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The Full Consrtuction Set:
These drawings are identical to the large format 18" x 24" paper drawings. they just have been formatted to letter sized paper. All the information is the same... all the plans, elevations, sections, details, specifications ... all the same. They can be used to build the cottage or as a guide to design your own floor plan. Which brings me to the next version.

The Cabin Shell Set:

This set is almost identical to the full construction drawings, but without any interior work... just the shell of the cabin. Why this?... It allows you to make floor plan changes or even custom floor plans... effectively creating your own custom cabin based on a "Done-for-You" structural shell. Since all the interior walls are non load-bearing, you can locate walls, doors, rooms, etc. where you would like without concern about the structure. You can use these drawings to build just the shell and then finish off the interiors in the field as you wish. You can also use these drawings to draw in your own floor plan, and by using the full construction set as a guide, you can effectively have a custom set of construction drawings.

The Cabin Graph Paper Set:

This set is essentially the first 3 sheets of the Cabin Shell Construction set except that it has fewer notes and dimensions, has a graph paper grid on the floor plans and is printed in a very light blue. This set is where you work out and sketch your own floor plan layout and make all the changes you want to make. The light blue lines (if you print it out in color) will not copy very well (if at all). All that will be left are your drawings when copied. Add your floor plans to the shell set and you have a custom plan, suited just to you.


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More Details:
This cabin is built on a crawlspace foundation, has an open timber frame for the roof and a metal roof over insulation and wood decking.

16ft x 24ft with porch front and back.
192 sf of porches.  

1st. Floor Area = 384 sf
Total Living Area = 384 sf

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