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What our cabin plans include.

Before you begin to browse through our collection of cabin plans below, I thought I would answer some questions about our construction plans, study plans and material lists.

What Are Study Plans?

The study plans are half-scale (1/8"=1'-0") PDF drawings sets on letter-size paper which are easily printed from a home printer. Although they are not meant for construction, they do contain enough information to be completely familiar with the design and can be suitable for testing zoning ordinances, preliminary budgets, etc. They contain:
  • A foundation plan with genreral overall dimensions.
  • Floor plans of each level with overall dimensions.
  • Elevations of each side of the cabin.
  • A building section indicating the primary ceiling heights, etc.

What are Booklet Plans:

Booklet Plans are full construction plans (as described in the full size sets below) that have been formatted to letter size paper and are presented as a PDF "booklet" instead of a stapled set of larger format paper drawings. They contain everything that the full size plans include, just in a different format. This format has several real advantages over the large page-size drawings:
  • You don't need to go to a print shop to get copies...they are easily copied and printed on inexpensive ink-jet printers typically found at home.
  • They are very easy to read... just like a book... imagine handling a set of 18"x24" or larger set of drawings in your easy chair at home.
  • They are very easy to store and cary around... they fit easily on a bookshelf or in a briefcase.
  • They are very easy to use in the field... especially if hole-punched and put in a loose leaf notebook.
  • They are very easy to update. Mark up a change... copy... punch... put in the notebook... done... try that at home with lagre sheets
  • They are much less expensive to purchase than the big drawings.
You will also get two other drawing versions:
  • The Cabin Shell Set: This set is almost identical to the full construction drawings, but without any interior work... just the shell of the cabin. Why this?... It allows you to make floor plan changes or even custom floor plans... effectively creating your own custom cabin based on a "Done-for-You" structural shell. Since all the interior walls are non load-bearing, you can locate walls, doors, rooms, etc. where you would like without concern about the structure. You can use these drawing to build just the shell and then finish off the interiors in the field as you wish. You can also use these drawings to draw in your own floor plan, and by using the full construction set as a guide, you can effectively have a custom set of construction drawings
  • Cabin Graph Paper Set: This set is essentially the first 9 sheets of the Cabin Shell Construction set except that it has fewer notes and dimensions, has a graph paper grid on the floor plans and is printed in a very light blue. This set is where you work out and sketch your own floor plan layout and make all the changes you want to make. The light blue lines (if you print it out in color) will not copy very well (if at all). All that will be left are your drawings when copied. Add your floor plans to the shell set and you have a custom plan, suited just to you.

The Full Size Construction Plans - What They Contain:

The construction plans are printed on 18"x24" (Architectural size "C") paper and consist of the following:
  • A general outline specification that defines the material used in the cabin, such as, lumber, framing and sheathing, windows and exterior doors, roofing, siding and trim, flashing and waterproofing, block and concrete, and much more.
  • A foundation plan with all dimensions.
  • Floor plans of each level with complete dimensions, notes, plumbing fixture locations, etc.
  • Roof plan indicating roof framing, pitch, notes and dimensions. (Some of our earlier plans do not include a separate roof plan).
  • Exterior elevations of all sides of the cabin.
  • A building section showing heights, framing and how the cabin is constructed.
  • Large scale details of critical areas such as, walls, roof, foundation, decks, eaves, etc.
  • An electrical plan of each level of the cabin showing the location of outlets, switches and lighting.

What the Construction Plans Do Not Contain:

Since our plans are built in all areas of the country, Canada and other places in the world, there are some location-specific things we cannot include. We do not include some location-specific materials in the drawings, nor do we include what is typically provided by sub-contractors in the way of specialized engineering. Items not included are:
  • Mechanical plans for heating ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC).
  • Although we do specify insulation, the amount included may be excessive or fall short for any specific local area.
  • We do specify an exact strucural design load, but if you live in high wind, high snow load or earthquake areas, you will need local engineering assistance to modify our plans to suit your local requirements.
  • We do not provide engineering or architectural stamps or seals. If your locality requries professional stamps or seals of any kind, you will need to have that done locally.
  • Although we do specify generic finish materials, we do not include specific selections for plumbing fixtures, tile, cabinetry, etc. We assume you have the ability to select what you like in the way of finishes. (We do include a general cabinet plan for the kitchen, but you must select the style and the materials for the cabinets and counters).

Material Lists - What They Contain:

Most of our newer plans have amaterial list available. It is essentially a list of the purchase quantities. It is not, however, a specific "cut-list" of every material in the cabin. As it comes as a letter size PDF, it is in a convenient form for faxing to material supplies for estimates.

Please browse through the cabin plan collection, and also be sure to download our PDF catalog for our complete collection of Cabins, Barns, Sheds, etc.

Classic Cabin Plans.

  Lakefront Cabin Plan - #CC-1094b

  24ft x 24ft. with a wrap-around porch. 2 Bed rooms with 2 full baths.
  1st.floor = 576sf. 2nd.floor = 518sf. Total = 1,094sf. Porch = 640 sf.

  Cohutta Cabin Plan - #C-980 ... New 4-Payment Plan

  24ft x 30ft. 2 Bed rooms with full bath and laundry, with front and rear porches.
  1st.floor = 720sf   2nd.floor = 260sf.   Total = 980sf.   Porch = 480sf.

  Balsam Ridge Cabin Plan - #C-1612

  24ft x 36ft. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths and Loft with Porch front and back.
  1st.floor = 976sf   2nd.floor = 636sf.   Total = 1,612 sf.   Porch = 434sf.

  Balsam Ridge Cottage Plan - #Ct-1612

  24ft x 36ft. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths and Loft with Porch front and back.
  1st.floor = 976sf   2nd.floor = 636sf.   Total = 1,612 sf.   Porch = 434sf.

  Saphire Cabin Plan - #C-582

  20ft x 20ft. 2 Bed rooms with 2 full baths. Porches front and back.
  1st.floor = 400sf   2nd.floor = 182sf.   Total = 582sf.   Porch = 320sf.

  Micro Cottage Plan - #Ct-103

  16ft x 16ft. with a 9-1/2ft x 9ft bumpout. 1 Bed room with 1 full bath.
  1st.floor = 354sf   2nd.floor = 170sf.   Total = 524sf.   Porch = 66sf.

  The Deverra Booklet Plans #Ct-524        Only $77

  A special version of the Ct103 in Booklet Form. A full set of drawings in a new format.
  Come see more about the New Booklet Plans below.

  Lakeside Cabin Plan - #CC-1218

  24ft x 24ft with a 12ft x 12ft bumpout. 3 Bed rooms - 2 full baths and laundry.
  1st.floor = 720sf   2nd.floor = 498sf.   Total = 1,218sf.   Wrap-around Porch = 608sf.

  Surfside Cottage Plan - #CS-792

  20ft x 20ft with a 10ft x 10ft bumpout. 3 Bed rooms - 2 full baths and laundry.
  1st.floor = 503sf   2nd.floor = 289sf.   Total = 792sf.   Wrap-around Porch = 525sf.

  Classic Cabin II Plan - #C-106

  24ft x 32ft. 2 Bed rooms with full bath and front porch.
  1st.floor = 768sf   2nd.floor = 212sf.   Total = 980sf.   Porch = 320sf.

  Classic Cabin I Plan - #C-105

  24ft x 24ft. Sleeping loft with full bath and front porch.
  1st.floor = 576sf   2nd.floor = 328sf.   Total = 904sf.   Porch = 240sf.

  Classic Mini Cabin Plan - #C-102

  16ft x 20ft. Loft Bed room, full bath and front porch.
  1st.floor = 320sf   2nd.floor = 80sf.   Total = 400sf.   Porch = 160sf.

  Classic Micro Cabin Plan - #C-103

  16ft x 16ft. Loft Bed room, full bath and front porch.
  1st.floor = 256sf   2nd.floor = 80sf.   Total = 336sf.   Porch = 128sf.

  The Pine Lodge 1 Cabin - Booklet Plans #CV-384        Only $77

  A special version of the CV-384 in Booklet Form. A full set of drawings in a new  format.   16' x 24' 1 story with porches front and back. 384 sf.


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